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We represent all women and mothers in every walk of life.

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Hadassah’s Cup is more than just a beauty brand; it’s a celebration of heritage, faith, and the timeless beauty of women throughout the ages. By combining the allure of ancient biblical stories with modern beauty standards, this brand has the potential to create a unique and impactful presence in the beauty industry.


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Defeat fear   Have you ever had a dream that you were falling from the sky or running through your old high school naked? Don’t

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I am writing this letter to acclaim the great products produced by Hadassah’s Cup. I have been so happy and grateful for Amber B’s products, in particular, “Esther Oil,” that I have purchased 8 of them and I plan on buying more of them. The fragrance and the texture of this product is so enjoyable and comforting. I’ve given 6 bottles as gifts and each of those recipients have asked where they could get more of Hadassah’s Cup’s products. I keep a bottle of Esther Oil on my desk, in my car, and in my backpack. I use it several times a day. I highly recommend Esther Oil and the many other products Amber offers through her company. In fact, I suggest she should go public and offer stock in her company because I’d surely buy some. I predict her company will grow and become even more successful when people find out about it. I’m so glad I discovered Hadassah’s Cup!

Richard F. Spiegle, Psy.D.